The Editors of eVox

Patrick Callier, editor in chief

Patrick is a PhD student in sociolinguistics at Georgetown. His interests include variation, style, language ideologies, sociophonetics, and Mandarin Chinese. Visit his website here or email him at

Rebecca Rubin, assistant editor

Rebecca is a PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. Her research interests include cross-cultural communication, language and identity, stance analysis, and sociophonetics, She is currently writing a dissertation about mixed Israeli/American couples living in the DC area. Contact her at

Anastasia Nylund, assistant editor

Anastasia Nylund is a PhD candidate in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. Her research interests include language variation, style, intertextuality, sociolinguistic interview methodologies, and language ideologies, particularly in late-modern Sweden. Contact her at (an249 at georgetown dot edu).

Editorial Board

Jermay Jamsu

Jermay Jamsu is a current PhD candidate inSociolinguistics at Georgetown University. His research interests include sociolinguistics variation, language ideologies, ethnic identity, language documentation, language technology and personal narratives. Contact him at

Corinne Seals

Corinne Seals is a year PhD student in General Linguistics at Georgetown University, combining Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics.  Her research interests include forensic linguistics, language and power, minority language speaker identity, second language acquisition with first language attrition, discourse analysis, and sociolinguistic variation.  Contact her at

Vitaly Nikolaev

Vitaly Nikolaev is in the PhD program at the Georgetown University Linguistics Department. With a background in teaching English, German, and Mandarin as a foreign language from the Katanov State University of Khakassia and an MA in Linguistics from SUNY Buffalo, he is currently investigating verbal aspect and morphology in his native Russian language. Methodologically, he draws from cognitive and computational linguistics.

Jessica Grieser

Jessi Grieser is a PhD student in sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. Her research interests include language and ethnic identity, language and gender, language ideologies, Mandarin, and African American English. Contact her at

Laura West

Laura West is a Ph.D. student at Georgetown University specializing in sociolinguistics. She is currently a blogger for the department’s Masters in Language and Communication (MLC) blog and a consultant for Verilogue, a health care communications company. Laura completed her Master’s thesis on socialization and facework on Facebook, and is continuing research on social media discourse, which she will be presenting at the Georgetown University Round Table (GURT) conference in March of this year.

Dr. Rob Podesva, faculty advisor

Dr. Rob Podesva is a faculty member in the Linguistics Department at Georgetown University. Visit his website to read more about his research.